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Big Brain Answers

November 29, 2008

Question from T. M. Austin, TX
Dear Big Brain: Where does milk come from?
Answer: The BIG BRAIN often wonders why people ask such obvious questions. Consequently, the BIG BRAIN shall refrain from sarcasm and simply answer the question. Milk comes from the store. Thanks and never write The BIG BRAIN again.

Big Brain Answers

November 27, 2008

Question from W. G. Paris, France
Dear Big Brain: How do birds know how to fly?
Answer: That’s a very good question. Birds know how to fly because they take flying lessons. Shortly after they’re born they take these lessons at a local community college. In addition, they seem to have wings which greatly assist in the process. Thanks and have a nice day.

Big Brain Answers

November 26, 2008

Question from K. A. Livingston, MO
Dear Mr.Big Brain: How did you get to be so smart?
Answer: Thanks for asking. The BIG BRAIN noticed from an early age that he was different from the other kids. He seemed to know things that others did not. He seemed to stand out from the crowd. At first, many were jealous of The BIG BRAIN but gradually he seemed to notice they embraced his knowledge. Of course not all did, as some, thought he was an idiot. But The BIG BRAIN persevered and became the enigma he is today. As to how The BIG BRAIN got to be so smart, it’s very simple. He was born that way.

Big Brain Answers

November 25, 2008

Question from W. J. Boston, MA
Dear Big Brain: Where does rain come from and why is it wet?
Answer: Well, from The BIG BRAIN’s observational research, rain seems to come from the sky. The BIG BRAIN has observed this on many occasions. The reason it’s wet is because it’s made of water. Thanks for your support and have a nice day.

Big brain Answers

November 24, 2008

Question from T. G. Washington DC
Dear Big Brain: How are fish able to breath under water?
Answer: The BIG BRAIN believes that fish actually can’t breath under water and that they are just very good at holding their breath. They also seem to be very good swimmers and are apparently waterproof. Will wonders never cease. Thanks for your support.

Big Brain Answers

November 23, 2008

Question from H. P. Tuscon, AZ
Dear Mr Big Brain: Why is money important and how can I get more of it?
Answer: That’s actually a very good question. Money is apparently important because when you use it people give you things in return for it. The BIG BRAIN isn’t quite sure why people would give you things for pieces of paper but apparently they do so you might as well go with it. As to how to get more of it…I guess…have something to give people that they want and they will give you more money . The BIG BRAIN is confused by this entire scenario and needs a sandwich. Thanks and have a nice day.

Big Brain Answers

November 21, 2008

Question from R. F. Kingman, AZ
Dear Mr Big Brain: Should I refinance my home mortgage? I put zero down with an adjustable rate on a house I couldn’t really afford.
Answer: The BIG BRAIN thinks you should hold off on refinancing your mortgage at this time. The BIG BRAIN believes if you wait long enough, the government will probably buy your home for a premium and give you a monthly allowance just to stay put. Ignorance pays in some situations. Live long and prosper.

Big Brain Answers

November 19, 2008

Question from G. K. Oxford, Ms
Dear Mr Big Brain: What are clouds made of?
Answer: The BIG BRAIN is glad you asked. Clouds seem to be made of some type of puffy white and gray material that somehow sticks together. The BIG BRAIN believes that in some way glue must be involved. Since the clouds seem to change shape at frequent intervals The BIG BRAIN also believes that the glue isn’t very good. Thanks for asking and have a nice day.

Bug Brain Answers

November 16, 2008

Question from D. G. Sydney, AU
Dear Big Brain: How much is too much?
Answer: The BIG BRAIN believes too much is when you have a certain amount of something and you don’t need any more but you continue to acquire more of this something until you have way too much of it. At that point, you have too much. Thanks for your support.

Big Brain Answers

November 15, 2008

Question from K. L. Denver, CO
Dear Big Brain: Why is the sun hot?
Answer: That’s a very good question. The BIG BRAIN believes the sun is hot because it is on fire. Being on fire generally makes things hot and the sun would be no exception. Thanks and have a nice day.